Madrid Tours from Across Madrid

We recently took 2 tours with Across Madrid Cultural Tours.

Our correspondence by email with Almu was outstanding. She is very quick to reply and is very detailed in her responses.

Our first tour was to the Prado Museum and a walking tour of the Old City. Almu met us at our hotel. She sat their patiently in the lobby waiting for us since our flight was delayed over an hour. Almu is very charming and has a wonderful personality!

We went to the Prado Museum first for a 2 hour highlight tour. She came very prepared with materials to show us during the tour to help us better understand what we were seeing. She is very engaging, knowledgeable and passionate!

Her explanations and commentary were amazing! She was not just lecturing about the art. She got us involved in truly understanding all the pieces we saw.(She also taught us about the difference's of why an artist used a canvas or board to paint on.)

It was the little things she pointed out and explained that made the tour of the Prado so FASCINATING!

We have been to many art museums all over the world but never had we had a guide who made us love going to a museum and pointing out so many things of all the artwork with such detail and in a very fun way! Her tour of The Prado museum is FABULOUS and not to be missed! Almu is EXTRAORDINARY!

We then took the short walk from the Prado Museum to the Old City for two more hours. We first sat down at a café for a drink and tapas. Her conversations were engaging and she is a pure delight to be with.

Her tour of the Old City was informative and of course it is beautiful and charming with lots of character.

Almu is a very special person, we enjoyed every minute with her! We now have a wonderful friend in Madrid and can't wait to go back to Madrid and be with her again.
Her tour will be one of your highlights in Madrid.

We also did a FABULOUS tour of Toledo with Martin.(A guide with her company). Martin met us at our hotel and we took a taxi to the bus station. He handled all the arrangements of buying the bus ticket etc.

My husband sat next to Martin on the bus ride ( both ways) and asked him a million questions. He was so engaging and knowledgeable about history, politics and current events. My husband loved every minute with him!

We arrived in Toledo and went to a café where Martin gave us and overview with maps to show us what we would be seeing. He is a brilliant man- with so much knowledge!

We guided us through the Jewish Sites and History including the synagogue which was amazing. Martin is an expert on Jewish History. You can read his bio on Across Madrid Tours website.

We also visited the Christian sites including the Cathedral. The Cathedral is one of the most fabulous I have ever seen! Our tour inside was comprehensive and a highlight!

We also stopped for lunch and had a lovely engaging conversation with Martin.

The winding streets of Toledo are charming and beautiful.

Towards the end of the day it was very hot. Martin was so accommodating. He waited in line for the tickets to the Cathedral while we sat down. He hailed the taxi back to the bus while we waited in an air conditioned shop. He really went out of his way to make our tour with him so enjoyable!

It was truly a FABULOUS tour of Toledo with Martin. He is an amazing person!
If you have time to go to Toledo for the day- do not miss this tour with Martin.

In conclusion: Almu has an outstanding company that delivers great service and great tours.

United States 
July 2016 
(TripAdvisor Review)