Madrid Tours from Across Madrid

We took a three hour tour of the Prado with Across Madrid Cultural Tours and it was nothing less than great. Our guide, Almudena Cros, was incredibly knowledgeable about the art, Spanish history and the links between the two. She had such passion and joy about the art that is was contagious. We got so much more out of the art because of all the details and tidbits she conveyed to us. She made the tour a lot of fun and she is a pleasure to spend time with. No way you find a better tour of the Prado.

And by the way: we also took a tour of the Museo Sorolla with Almudena. It's an under-the-radar gem. He was an impressionist who is not as well known as Monet, etc. The museum is his old mansion and Almudena knew absolutely everything about not only the art but also his family, all the artifacts in the house etc.

It was a really wonderful tour and she was once again fabulous. You will love this tour and love Almudena as well.

New York, USA
October 2015