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We had a very unique experience with Almu on our Kids Prado tour this July. Due to our own poor planning, we scheduled our museum tour on the same day that we landed from the states. Needless to say, our two kids (4 and 8) were beyond jetlagged and really couldn't stay awake for a museum tour in the late afternoon.

This is to no fault of Almu. In fact, she was beyond accommodating to our kids. We began the tour and saw some very interesting pieces with great information and perspective from Almu. I could tell that she was genuinely passionate about art (and her lengthy resume proves it), but she was also very good with kids. She found interesting facts and themes that children would be sparked by. Actually, our 4-year-old even referenced something from our tour back at home the other day which really amused and surprised us!

Long story short, our tour was cut short because we ran out of stamina, but Almu was understanding and even offered to give us a tour on another date. In addition, she emailed me links and descriptions of many of the key pieces that we should go back and visit or read about online. Clearly, this took much time and extra effort on her part. 

I cannot recommend Almu enough. Next time we are in Madrid, we will tour with her again! This is not a tour that is just pushing you through for your money. Almu will be attentive and thoughtful, as well as engaging! Thank you, Almu!

California, USA
July 2016