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Almudena is such a wonderful guide/ person! We took her tours of the Prado Museum, the Archaeological Museum and to Toledo. She is not only informative and accommodating, she managed to very successfully engage all in our group, ages from 8 years old to 70 years old! Through her, my children enjoyed themselves thoroughly and also learnt so much about the history and culture of Madrid. I have taken many other Tours for Children, but Almudena's easily tops that list!

Moscow, Russia
October 2016
TripAdvisor Review
We did this guided tour of the Archaeological Museum to prepare my kids (aged 6 and 9) for the return to school since they will soon start studying the different civilizations in class even if in a very superficial manner. 
We were in Rome last Summer, and this Summer we visited Segovia to see the aqueduct.  Because my 2 children are fascianted with everything Roman, we thought that the visit to the Archaeological Museum wiyld be interesting for them.  Almudena knew perfectly how to explain to them the different cultures and she adjusted the tour to our interest in Roman history, so we spent a long time in the Roman rooms. 

Time flew by and we all enjoyed as a family the task of completing the activity booklet that is included in the visit.  I recommend this fantastic visit to the Archaeological Museum with children because of its educational and fun nature. 

Juan Carlos F
Collado Villalba, Spain
September 2015

We were a small group of parents and children on this tour, hoping for a more illuminating experience of a museum, than that normally experienced when with children (i.e., a mad dash from room to room). We were not disappointed.

Almudena was able to meet the children at their level, arouse their interest and maintain their focus with her magnetism and enthusiasm, using only the minimum of material aids. Actually the tour was great for the adults as well, as it wound a fascinating path through history from the earliest human cultures, down through Greek, Roman and others, and their effect on and contributions to Spain and subsequent Spanish culture... and all this in 2 hours!

This may be more cash to shell out than buying a book on the subject, but the images and concepts have made a much more lasting impression on me and my son, having experienced them in a more visceral way, and with a guide both erudite and great fun.

Charlotte G
Soria, Spain
October 2014