Madrid Tours from Across Madrid

After reading many reviews and touching base with several companies months before our visit to Madrid, we booked two tours with Almudena Cros at Across Madrid Tours. This was the best decision of our trip. Almu is truly an incredible guide. Our three children ages 8-13 truly enjoyed their day with her and still talk of how nice she was. 

I made several changes prior to arriving and Almu was responsive and helpful each and every time. Our children had been doing some research of their own and we really wanted to visit Guernica at the Reina Sophia. Although this wasn't part of either of our tours, Almu was happy to start at the Reina Sophia before starting our planned day.

After visiting Guernica, we did the Prado Tour for Children. We've toured many museums with the kids but Almu's style is different than any other we've experienced. Its clear that she truly loves teaching children. The children explored the museum doing a treasure hunt all the while learning bits and pieces of Spanish history, art history and links to how how the art from the past relates to their lives at the present. 

After stopping for tapas at some lovely restaurants recommended by Almu, we did the Bear Discovery Tour. Despite the 40 degree heat, we all loved the tour. Almu guided us through the well known squares of Madrid as well as the little known side streets, showing us her favourite shops and restaurants which we returned to visit in the following days. 

We would not hesitate to book Almu for additional tours in Madrid. She is truly exceptional!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
July 2016