Madrid Tours from Across Madrid

I do not usually book guided yours when I travel, let alone in Madrid where I live, but my niece had to do an essay about Goya for her class in High School and I decided to help her with this Across Madrid tour. It truly was a discovery for both of us because I had never visited the Real Academia de Bellas Artes and we also were able to see the etching plates by Goya, which made a real impact on us. 

The itinerary designed by Almudena, the professor who leads this company, is perfectly thought out to help you understand the importance of Goya.  My niece's essay benefitted immensely from this tour, but I also gained a lot from the experience since I discovered works and aspects of Goya I did not know. 

This company offers private tours at affordable prices and the truth is that it is a really worthwhile investment.  I will very likely repeat with them to do the Spanish Civil War tour. 

Congratulations to Almudena for the quality of the content and format of the Goya tour, and for being able to connect with my teenage niece.

Rococo P
Madrid, Spain
October 2015