Madrid Tours from Across Madrid

Almu gave us a spectacular tour of Madrid's civil war sites. We both recommend her highly and without reservation to anyone who is interested in that subject or any other subject matter she covers. We took her tour Spanish Civil War Tour and her Goya Tour. Both experiences were riveting.

I don’t want to steal her thunder, but apart from being a great person whose company you’re bound to enjoy (she’s charming and funny), she is clearly extremely passionate about the subjects she covers and knows them inside out. 

From the outset, she asked us where we were from and was immediately able to draw political parallels and more importantly influences when it came to the Spanish Civil War tour.

What makes the experience with her unique is that you’re not dealing with someone who is simply regurgitating the subject matter & getting a job done, but instead you’re listening to someone who has experienced the subject matter through her own family’s experiences historically and she brings that to bear at every corner with clippings form the past that her family has kept along the way.

Not to mention the fact that she teaches the subject at university level and is in every way a scholar of the subject.

Diana D
Madrid, Spain
June 2015