"In October 2013, I spent three days in Madrid conducting a site evaluation as part of a business trip. During my stay there, arrangements were made for me to experience an educational tour of the famous Prado Museum. Dr. Almudena Cros Gutierrez facilitated a most memorable and engaging educational tour of the Prado. Her knowledge of the full collection was impeccable.

Dr. Cros was most skilled at clarifying and articulating abstract content found among the Museum’s art pieces. She also brought to life the cultural and historical contexts, which informed these historical relics. As she led me through the gallery, I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. Little did I know that that tour would emerge as one of the most delightful highlights of my trip, and it has since left an indelible mark on my time in Madrid.

I am delighted to endorse Almudena Cros Gutierrez for her expertise on the Prado Museum, her engaging instructional style and delivery, and her strong command of the art history of Madrid."

Dr. Larry Rice, Ed.D., Interim President of Johnson & Wales University, North Miami, Florida, USA.