Explore with us the history and art of Toledo, a UNESCO heritage site. Easily reached by fast train from Madrid within 25 minutes, this medieval town was once home to Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities. The artistic and cultural legacy of these different groups make Toledo a truly unique place.  Further to this, Toledo was once the capital of the country and it was a prominent centre of learning throughout the Middle Ages. 

As we discuss the history of the different communities who once inhabited the winding streets of this wonderfully preserved town, we will gain an insight into the medieval Christian court culture, and whether there was truly a tolerant climate and cultural interaction between the 3 main religious groups.  You will learn about the incredibly rich past of Toledo, from Roman times through the early medieval Visigothic rule and the Renaissance period, all of which left a trace in the art and architecture of this city.  

As we walk across the dense urban fabric of Toledo, you will enter a 10th-century mosque, one of the very few surviving remnants of Moorish Toledo. We will also explore the Jewish quarter, where we will visit the late fifteenth-century Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes and two synagogues, which are crucial to our understanding of the Jewish past in Spain and the political role of the Catholic Monarchs.  On our way to the Cathedral, which boasts a magnificent collection of Gothic altarpieces, funerary monuments, choir stalls and paintings by masters such as El Greco and Goya, we will stop at the church of Santo Tomé to examine one of El Greco's masterpieces, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.  

Our consultant, Dr. Martín Corral, is a Jewish History expert.  Martín, who was raised in Madrid, completed his BA in Semitic Philology and Medieval History, which included Hebrew and Spanish literature and history of Medieval Spain, at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid in 1991.  He continued his studies at New York University where he received a joint Certificate in Museum Studies and Jewish Studies (1994), an MA (1994) and a Ph.D. (2000) in Hebrew and Judaic Studies and was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture in New York.  While in the US, professor Corral taught Jewish studies at New York University, The New School, St. John’s University, Siena College, and the University of Missouri at Columbia. In 2003, he came back to Madrid and has been teaching at a wide range of American universities in Madrid ever since:  St. Louis University, Manhattan College, Suffolk University and Loyola University Maryland.  For over a decade, Martín has taught the course 'Muslims, Christians and Jews in Medieval Iberia', which is particularly relevant to Toledo. 

This 5 hour half-day trip to Toledo is an intensive learning experience.  This tour may be led either by Dr. Martín Corral or Dr. Almudena Cros, whose doctoral thesis also dealt with Toledo in the Middle Ages.  Dr. Cros has studied a number of multicultural aspects of Toledo for the last 10 years, including elementary Hebrew, and has undertaken documentary research on 14th-century archbishops at the archive in the Cathedral.  She has recently published an academic article on one of the medieval reliquaries preserved in the Cathedral. Both Dr. Corral and Dr. Cros are genuine scholars in the field of medieval Toledo and will ensure that your experience is a culturally rich one.  

Please note that this tour can be customized and focus exclusively on Jewish Toledo. Just let us know if you prefer a Medieval Toledo or a Jewish Toledo tour when you contact us.

Length: 5 hours. Maximum group size: 6 people. 


The minimum price for this day trip is 310 euros for up to 3 adults travelling by bus (320 euros if travelling by train)

If more people sign up, the price decreases according to the scale below:

Booking 4 people: 100 euros per person
Booking 5 people: 90 euros per person
Booking 6 people: 80 euros per person

Special offer: For family units of up to 6 members: 350 euros flat fee per family.
Please note: if you are travelling with children under 15 years of age, you might prefer to take our family-friendly Toledo for Children tour.

Entrance tickets to the Cathedral: 10 euros per person - not included in the price. 
Admission tickets to sites: 12 euros per person – not included in the price.
Transportation to Toledo: 10 euros return bus ticket per person or 20 euros return ticket if travelling by train – not included in the price.

Please calculate a total expense of around 30 euros per person to cover your bus ticket and admission fees, and 40 euros if travelling by train. 

Please bring your passport to qualify for free entrance to the Sephardic Museum (over 65 years old, children under 18 or students under 26 with a valid College or University ID) 

Available days and starting times:
Please note that advance booking is required and that although we are flexible and can often accommodate last-minute bookings, it is best to book early to avoid disappointment. These are our suggested days and times: 
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: departing from Madrid at 9:00 and returning by 16:00.

* You are welcome to stay in Toledo for as long as you wish.  The best travel option is the bus, which is more flexible than the train and does not require advance booking, so you are free to return to Madrid whenever you are ready.  If you prefer the train, we will send you instructions on how to purchase your train tickets, and, if necessary, we will purchase them for you and you can reimburse us after the tour.

* Toledo is very hilly and there is a lot of intensive walking involved, so please bear this in mind and wear comfortable shoes.

* Toledo is a great place for photographs, so make sure you bring your camera.

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