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My husband and I took advantage of two Across Madrid tours on our first visit to Madrid. We booked an orientation tour at 10 am the morning we arrived, since we weren't sure we would be able to get into our hotel room that early. Mercedes provided just what we needed--a good mix of history, art, and food, plus a chance to familiarize ourselves with the center of the city, which made it possible for us to navigate easily on our own afterward. My husband has trouble walking for long distances, and Mercedes found places for him to sit occasionally, while continuing to tell us about the city. She could not have been more knowledgeable or personable. 

 We enjoyed Almu's open and friendly personality, her in-depth knowledge, asking us what we wanted to know on the walking tour and then introducing us to wonderful eating places on tour 1 and then taking us through the Prado museum a couple of days later for tour 2. Small, personal service from a knowledgeable expert. THANKS!

Shanghai, China
September 2016 
(TripAdvisor review)
We are a family who like culture, history, art, cuisine and seeing the lifestyle of the people in the city that we visit. Almudena has not only accomplish all of that but she excell in all aspect. A very skilled and knowledgeable tour guide who can engaged all her visitor of different age in the discussion of a very complicated paintings.

She will gave you the chance to taste the famous delicacies in Madrid. She also has visual aids to help her deliver a message. She also gave us a take home article to make you appreciate the significance of an artifact. One of the best guide we have ever meet! Great job Almu! God bless in your motherhood journey.

Ayesa H
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
August 2016
(TripAdvisor Review)
Having only a four hours in Madrid, Almu, our guide helped us see and learn the most possible. She came prepared with materials that would help us absorb the most of what we were viewing in the Prado and the Reina Sofia.

Then we walked the important historical sights of Madrid. Almu is educated, bright and passionate about art, her city and Spain which left my group with wonderful memories of our short visit.

We look forward to a longer visit with Almu on our next trip, which we certainly must do after this wonderful taste of Madrid!

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
July 2016

We had 3 excellent days with Almu in Madrid this month. Almu has all the qualities a good guide has:

She is extremely knowledgable and passionate about the art and history of Spain and Madrid, she is nice, funny has patience and is accommodating. 

We were 5 including grandparents and teenager and she was loved and appreciated by all. 

I highly recommend having her as your guide as it changed our trip for the best! Thank you Almu.

Einat R
April 2016
We took two tours with Almu and both were great in different ways. 

On our first day, right off the flight from the US and very jet-lagged, we took an overview tour of the city with her. We were six: my husband and me (in our sixties), a daughter and her husband, and their two teenage girls, who started out reluctant to do anything other than wait five hours for their hotel room to be readied.

Alma was completely comfortable with this challenge, and her enthusiasm and knowledge of the city, plus her sensitivity to the needs of each generation, energized all of us and got our trip off to an exciting start. 

Taking Almu's Madrid Briefing tour is like meeting up with a friend who is a Madrid local and going on a relaxing walk around central Madrid. She follows the plan listed in the tour description on her website. We did the tour a few hours after our arrival and the overview was helpful and her tips regarding food and local shops were very useful.
We used her suggestions extensively over the weekend. She also helped us plan a self-guided tour to Toledo and this was particularly valuable.

We joined Almu on a tour of the Prado Museum and it was here that her extensive knowledge about art history and skill as a teacher really shone. Her explanations of the art and the artists made each work come to life. It was a privilege to spend three hours learning from her in this fabulous museum. This is time and money well spent!

London, UK
March 2016

From the minute I first contacted this company for suggestions about what to do and see in Madrid, Dr. Almudena Cros, the owner of this tour service, could not have been more helpful and delightful!

We conversed back and forth over several e-mails so that she could design the perfect tour for my husband and me. We finally settled on a Madrid Briefing since we had never been to this city before, followed by a tapas tour so that we could experience this unique cultural experience of the food in Madrid.

Mi familia y yo hicimos dos visitas guiadas con Almudena ("Almu").  Éramos mi mujer, mis dos hijas (de 18 y 14 años) y yo. El primer tour fue una visita guiada de tres horas por Madrid. 

Cuando vino a buscarnos a nuestro hotel, le dijimos que estábamos preocupados porque no nos iba a dar tiempo en nuestro corto viaje a ver el Prado.  Así que ella fue muy flexible y cambió el itinerario a última hora y sin previo aviso para poder llevarnos a ver las obras maestras del Prado.  Sabía perfectamente de lo que estaba hablando, y mantuvo un ritmo rápido para que no nos aburriéramos, y nos indicó detalles en el museo que nunca habríamos descubierto por nosotros mismos.  También nos llevó por tiendas y mercados visitando artesanos y nos ayudó a comprar productos locales para un picnic. 

Hicimos una segunda visita guiada con Almu que disfrutamos aún más, la visita de Tapas en Madrid.  Nos explicó la historia de las tapas; no las típicas que encuentras en todos los bares de turistas, sino las que encuentras en locales y restaurantes frecuentados por la gente local.  La comida fue deliciosa y el tour de Almu fue instructivo. 

El nivel de inglés de Almu es muy alto, tiene un gran sentido del humor y adaptó sus tours a nuestras necesidades.  Nos sentimos más como si estuviéramos con una amiga que en un tour.  Fue fantástica. 

Dan R
Estados Unidos
Diciembre 2015

Mi esposa y yo realizamos la visita de Madrid Esencial nuestra primera tarde en Madrid, ¡Qué manera tan fantástica de pasar el día!

Almudena es una guía extremadamente bien preparada, encantadora y amable.

La recomendamos por todo lo alto como tu guía por Madrid.

Jeff M
California, Estados Unidos
Noviembre 2015