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Recomendaciones - Museo del Prado

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 We planned a trip to Spain to see the 5th century special exhibition of the works of Hieronymus Bosch, and Dr. Cros made it possible. She booked our tickets months in advance, navigated us past even the "Skip the line" line and, for 3 1/2 hours shared her art historian expertise with us. Even though my husband was an art major in college and we had boned up, we learned hundreds of things we didn't know about Bosch's life, work and the symbolism he used. Dr. Cros is as fun as she is knowledgeable, and her English is perfect.

September 2016
(TripAdvisor review) 
Almudena was the best guide I have had in all my years of travel. Her tour was the highlight of my Madrid visit. She clearly loves what she does, and it shows. She provides historical and social context for the works on the tour, which only increased my appreciation for the art.

Washington DC, USA
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We recently took 2 tours with Across Madrid Cultural Tours.

Our correspondence by email with Almu was outstanding. She is very quick to reply and is very detailed in her responses.

Our first tour was to the Prado Museum and a walking tour of the Old City. Almu met us at our hotel. She sat their patiently in the lobby waiting for us since our flight was delayed over an hour. Almu is very charming and has a wonderful personality!

Having only a four hours in Madrid, Almu, our guide helped us see and learn the most possible. She came prepared with materials that would help us absorb the most of what we were viewing in the Prado and the Reina Sofia. 

Then we walked the important historical sights of Madrid. Almu is educated, bright and passionate about art, her city and Spain which left my group with wonderful memories of our short visit. 

We look forward to a longer visit with Almu on our next trip, which we certainly must do after this wonderful taste of Madrid!

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
July 2016
I had two fantastic guided tours with Almu this week while on holiday in Madrid, both in the Prado Museum.

The first one designed for adults, a true educational, engaging walk filled with Spanish and art history. Almu has huge knowledge of the topic and opened my eyes to new dimensions of viewing the paintings of this fantastic museum.

Our second tour was designed for children, so my friend and I took our 10 year old boys. The 3 hours flew by, and the boys, initially reluctant, got truly engaged with the activities and stories organized around the themes of about 30 paintings.

I recommend Across Madrid to individual traveller or to families very warmly.

At the end of the day my only regret is not having more time to do other tours with Almu.

Budapest, Hungary
July 2016

Almudena was kind enough to work in a private tour for my husband and me for our first day in Madrid - at her suggestion, we toured the Prado for a couple of hours during the heat of the day, with a walking tour of Old Madrid thereafter.

Art history is clearly her passion, and it was really helpful for her to guide us through the Prado to see the progression of art over the centuries. It lent a coherence and context to the works of art we were seeing that we would not have gotten by just walking through the museum on our own and trying to figure it out. We learned a lot from this tour, and it was well worth the price. Another of her passions is introducing children to art, and I expect she would be quite good at it.

She followed up a few days after our tour by email to ask how the rest of our trip was going - a warm, personal touch that we appreciated.

She has an ownership mentality about her work and clearly cares about providing a top-quality experience.

Highly recommended.

Amy R
Marietta, Georgia, USA
June 2016

I took Madrid’s Tapas Tour, and Prado Museum Tour with Almudena, and I can’t say enough good things about her, and the tours.

She is very personable, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. She is also quite a humanist, and is involved with various charities.

She took me to local restaurants where not many tourists visit, and in the museum she showed me the main highlights along with a good explanation about the paintings.

You will not regret taking her tours.

Arin G
July 2015

We did a 3 hour Prado tour with Almu and the next day we did a 4 hour Spanish Civil War in Madrid tour with her. Both tours exceeded our expectations for being both educational and enjoyable. 

Almu is a highly qualified professor in Art History. At the Prado she helped put the selected works that we visited into their proper context. She helped us understand both the subjects of the artwork as well as the techniques used by the artists. 

For the civil war tour, Almu is very qualified to lead this tour because she is an ardent Spanish activist committed to spreading factual information about this period in Spanish history. Her family was involved in the war and she has benefitted from the stories they shared with her. A great experience 

June 2016
Our family thoroughly enjoyed spending an afternoon and morning with Almudena. 

She led us through the streets of Madrid to visit truly historic tapas restaurants some of which have been in existence for more than 100 years. The food and wine were great but the history was even better. 

The next day we met her at the Prado for a fantastic tour where she was able to bring the artwork to life. 

Almudena has a special interest in recording the memories of those who lived through the Spanish Civil War and is a treasure trove of information on the subject. 

Highly recommended!

Joe A
May 2016
We had been to the Prado a few times before, but this was a great way to experience it, with someone knowledgeable and full of love for the art and the history behind it all.

I only wish we had more time in Madrid and done more of the tours with Almudena. I hope to be back in Madrid book at least 2 additional tours. Loved it!

Liliana G
May 2016