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Recomendaciones - Prado para Niños

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 Our kids are 6,8,10. As adults we did not want to miss going to the Prado but wondered what it would be like to for the kids. Almu was amazing! She was able to make the trip engaging for the kids and we learned so much, too. She learned about the kids in advance so that she could make connections between their world and the art. I recommend her tour to kids and adults alike with no hesitation. She even sent us "homework" for when we got home!

August 2016
(TripAdvisor review) 
 This tour was the absolute best way to visit the Museo del Prado. Almu holds a PHd in Art History. As we walked through the museum, Almu was able to bring the works of art to life. This was particularly enlightening for the kids (13 and 10) who left with an understanding of the artists, cultural impact, and connections to what life was when the paintings were created. I highly recommend Across Madrid Cultural Tours!

Boston, Massachusetts, USA 
August 2016 
(TripAdvisor review)
Almu guided us with our 3 children, ages 14, 12 and 9 through the Prado Museum in Madrid. Beginning with our arrangements from Los Angeles, Almu was pleasure to work with. Working with her was like having a personal connection in a foreign country!

We have been to a lot of museums and galleries with kids, but most of the time my two girls quickly lose interest, but this tour with Almudena was completely different. She kept kids completely involved by asking question by giving interesting information, by using paintings to discuss history, religion and current events. She saw when they are getting tired, so she would continue the conversation sitting down, so girls can continue paying attention. She used the booklets with parts of the painting that was guiding us though museum.

What an amazing experience and amazing lady! Almu took us and our 9 year old twins on a magical and illuminating trip through the Prado. She made a nearly 3 hour tour seem like it was only a few minutes long! We couldn't believe we had been with her that long when the tour ended. And she kept the kids engaged the whole time, although I am pretty sure my wife and I learned just as much if not more. If you are considering Madrid and the Prado, and you have kids, THIS IS A MUST!

Wes K
August 2016 
(TripAdvisor Review)
 Almu took our group including 3 children aged 12-13, round some highlights at the Prado in an interesting & very informative tour. The children were a bit apprehensive about spending time looking at paintings, but Almu's experience, enthusiasm and warm manner helped us all engage with the paintings and by the end of the tour we had learnt a lot and the paintings were brought to life! I am sure they will now look at paintings with fresh eyes. The humorous touches were also very welcome. Thank you Almu!

Southampton, United Kingdom 
August 2016
(TripAdvisor Review) 
We had a great tour with Almudena today. We have 3 teens - ages 11,11 and 14. We are from California - so our girls are 'American' teens with short attention spans and they love their technology! But Almudena kept them riveted throughout! She is very warm as a person, speaks perfect and easy to understand English with hardly any accent..

Had a fantastic time with Almudena. She was obviously very knowledgeable about art and history but the most important part of her message was about values through history. She made us feel privileged about having the opportunity to share culture and critical thinking with our children.

We would recommend it to anyone willing to see Madrid in a special way.

Thank you so much! We for sure will repeat the experience with a different visit!!!!

Madrid, Spain
August 2016
After reading many reviews and touching base with several companies months before our visit to Madrid, we booked two tours with Almudena Cros at Across Madrid Tours. This was the best decision of our trip. Almu is truly an incredible guide. Our three children ages 8-13 truly enjoyed their day with her and still talk of how nice she was. 

This was one of our favorite activities in Madrid.

Almudena is an amazing guide. She really understood her audience. She kept my girls attention with her stories and questions. She is incredibly knowledgeable.

After our tour, for the rest of our trip, our girls continued to recall things she showed us.

It was an amazing fun, educational experience.

Darci R
July 2016