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Recomendaciones - Prado para Niños

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We had a very unique experience with Almu on our Kids Prado tour this July. Due to our own poor planning, we scheduled our museum tour on the same day that we landed from the states. Needless to say, our two kids (4 and 8) were beyond jetlagged and really couldn't stay awake for a museum tour in the late afternoon.

I had two fantastic guided tours with Almu this week while on holiday in Madrid, both in the Prado Museum. 

The first one designed for adults, a true educational, engaging walk filled with Spanish and art history. Almu has huge knowledge of the topic and opened my eyes to new dimensions of viewing the paintings of this fantastic museum. 

Our second tour was designed for children, so my friend and I took our 10 year old boys. The 3 hours flew by, and the boys, initially reluctant, got truly engaged with the activities and stories organized around the themes of about 30 paintings. 

I recommend Across Madrid to individual traveller or to families very warmly. 

At the end of the day my only regret is not having more time to do other tours with Almu.

Budapest, Hungary
July 2016
I took my triplets (age 8 1/2) for a six week tour of Europe. Madrid was our first stop. We had the Prado tour with Almu and it was the best thing I could have done for them.

My kids loved the tour and were engaged throughout. We all learned so much that 2 weeks later my children were able to point out details in paintings at the Louvre because of the information that Almu provided them.

I highly recommend this tour for anyone traveling to the Prado with their children.

Fullerton, California, USA
June 2016

Our family of four (two girls ages 12 & 14) had a fantastic Prado tour with Almu.

She brought to life the paintings in a way that we never could have on our own. Our girls stayed engaged the whole time (which says a lot for several hours long museum tour).

I would recommend this tour to anyone (with or without kids)!

Houston, Texas, USA
June 2016

Almudena was highly recommended to us by a friend and so we booked two tours with her. We have an 11, 14 and 16 year old and did her Prado Museum tour during the day and Tapas crawl tour for dinner. 

The Prado tour was the perfect amount of time with kids and very engaging. The kids actually found a new appreciation for art because of Almu's kid-friendly approach making it fun and easy to understand the artwork and how it is linked to history. 

We had a blast at the Tapas tour. We were all smiles the whole night! Almu took us to great tapas restaurants with a ton of character that only "locals" would know about. 

Highly Highly recommend both tours!!

A TripAdvisor Member
July 2016
We went to Madrid with some friends & families by end June, we joined two tours - Prado Museum & Bear Discovery Tour. It was definitely a perfect Prado tour for our four kids at 8-9 years old. Every kids are so focus during the tour (normally they are very active, haha) and learned a lot from Almu.

My son explained to me regarding Las Meninas during we are in book shop, and we also discussed it again when we visit Picasso Museum...

Thanks, Almu, we will come again and join the Toledo tour.

Hong Kong, China
June 2016

Best experience with Almudena on the guided Prado tour. I have taken my children (ages 8 and 5) to many museums and while they may enjoy looking at paintings and/or sculptures here and there, I never really feel they are enjoying themselves and/or LEARNING anything. Almu kept it engaging and interesting for children with great story telling, while not dumbing it down. 

My kids, especially my 5 year old, have short attention spans, and while she did not make it entirely through the 3 hour tour (she still takes naps and ended up taking one near the end of the tour) she enjoyed the stories and was kept interested. The parents learned a lot as well!!! 

Next time I visit Madrid, I would absolutely do another tour!

New York, USA
July 2016

We had a fabulous Prado tour with our two young daughters and their teenage cousins.

Everyone loved it and learned a ton.

It was fun and the time flew by! A must to get kids interested and appreciating art.

New York, USA
June 2016
We took our 4 young daughters ages 5-12 on a tour led by Almu! It was great and the kids were enthralled for the whole tour! Even we adults learned a few things about the specific paintings Almu visited!

The Prado visit would not have been the same without Almu's great storytelling and teaching oriented style.

Incredibly our kids were attentive for the entire 2.5 hour tour, not once asking 'are we done yet?'!!!

Fantastic job Almudena- you brought the Prado to life.

Oakland, California, USA
June 2016

Our tour guide for the Prado visit was Maria.

She was excellent, very knowledgeable, passionate about the subject, very patient in explaining the masterpieces to our 8 year old.

Highly recommended.

Bangalore, India
May 2016