We traveled with three kids ages 8-11 and had wondered whether they would "get" the point of the city of Toledo. Did they ever! Almu was able to get them to engage throughout the tour and by the time we were finished they all said they loved the sites and the stories they had heard. She doesn't just "lecture" but rather engage the children (and parents) in activities throughout the city and immerses us in information as the activities progress.

There is a lot of uphill walking to be sure but don't let that scare you from this tour. The pace is adjusted for the participants abilities.

She is not a tour guide. Almu has a doctorate in Art History for crying out loud! Her depth of studies really shows!. Go ahead, ask her anything! Her passion, energy and depth of knowledge are obvious but she also approachable, down-to-earth. What a privilege to learn from her.

If you have the opportunity don't miss the richness of Toledo. But if you have kids, consider only Across Madrid Tours. The value of the tour, especially with kids, was well worth it.

Suzette R
June 2016