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We had a great tour with Almudena today. We have 3 teens - ages 11,11 and 14. We are from California - so our girls are 'American' teens with short attention spans and they love their technology! But Almudena kept them riveted throughout! She is very warm as a person, speaks perfect and easy to understand English with hardly any accent..

She first gave each of our girls a booklet with portions of paintings on them and then as the treasure hunt begins you look for each object - she tells you which one and you try and find it in the painting and consequently figure out which painting it is. It is not competitive..everyone participates..

This is the first time ever - that my kids and I have focused on each of the paintings we saw and understood it and understood what time it was from and why certain things are painted a certain way.

The tour took 2.5 hours. Almudena was on time and we finished on time. There are parts of the tour where she sits down and explains certain things. We are not Christian and so we did not know some of the symbolism.  She is very very patient and answers all the questions the kids have. We never felt rushed through the tour.

Almudena was incredibly detailed in her email to me a few days before and asked me a lot of questions to help her to relate better to my kids. Also she's the first guide ever who did not take a deposit. I felt a sense of responsibility to show up and show up on time because of this. Very rare nowadays..

Almudena also helped me so much to figure out the rest of our Spain itinerary telling us what would work best for our teenagers in Barcelona, Granada and Sevilla.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! Your kids will remember this tour even years later!

Anu M
Saratoga, California
Visited August 2016
(TripAdvisor review)