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Recomendaciones - Museo del Prado

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We had 3 excellent days with Almu in Madrid this month. Almu has all the qualities a good guide has:

She is extremely knowledgable and passionate about the art and history of Spain and Madrid, she is nice, funny has patience and is accommodating. 

We were 5 including grandparents and teenager and she was loved and appreciated by all. 

I highly recommend having her as your guide as it changed our trip for the best! Thank you Almu.

Einat R
April 2016
I would give Almu a six-star rating if I could. 

My husband and I took two tours with her on our recent trip to Madrid and could not have been more pleased.
The private tour of the Prado was amazing; we learned so much and were fascinated by her knowledge and ability to explain art in an engaging, creative way. 

She also took us on a tapas/food history tour and every detail was perfect. The foods were amazing and her knowledge of Madrid is extensive. 

We feel lucky to have spent time with her!

Anna Franks
March 2016
We took two tours with Almu and both were great in different ways. 

On our first day, right off the flight from the US and very jet-lagged, we took an overview tour of the city with her. We were six: my husband and me (in our sixties), a daughter and her husband, and their two teenage girls, who started out reluctant to do anything other than wait five hours for their hotel room to be readied. 

Alma was completely comfortable with this challenge, and her enthusiasm and knowledge of the city, plus her sensitivity to the needs of each generation, energized all of us and got our trip off to an exciting start. 

The next day we all took a tour of the Prado with her, followed by a visit to the Reina Sofia to see Guernica. My husband and I are art lovers, and knew what we wanted to see, but we had no clue how we would make this interesting to the teenagers, one of whom is a professed hater of museums. Alma was wonderful at getting them not only interested but engaged. In part this was because of Almu's manner of conveying excitement, in part it was because of her knowledge and extensive preparation, in part it was her flexibility (e.g.,Caroline is hungry, let's all get a snack!) and in part it was her ability to navigate around the museum so that we could see the highlights without losing much time getting lost. 

At dinner that evening, the younger girl (Caroline) talked nonstop about what she saw and learned on Almu's tour. She was completely enthralled. Even the older "museum hater" said she enjoyed it, and, in a few years, she will probably appreciate it more.

Almu is passionate about offering her tours at prices that are affordable to a wide range of travelers, but the quality of her tours is more in the "luxury" category.

We did not sign up for Almu's Spanish Civil War tour, but her expertise on that subject richly informed her commentary when we visited Guernica. This will be a must for our next visit.

Finally, Almu was extremely generous with her time and energy during the planning phase of our trip.  We had numerous emails and she recommended books on the Spanish Civil War that my husband and I read and enjoyed before we traveled.

Philadelphia, USA
March 2016
Wish we could have spent more time with Dr. Cros. It was an overview of the Prado's masterpieces.

We had only 1 and 1/2 hours because she is booked and very good. Book ahead and go for at least 3- 4 hours.

I will book her again when we return.

I took 10 students from age 14-18. She kept them very interested and entertained. We might have a some new art lovers in our group!

Sycamore, Illinois, USA
March 2016

Taking Almu's Madrid Briefing tour is like meeting up with a friend who is a Madrid local and going on a relaxing walk around central Madrid. She follows the plan listed in the tour description on her website. We did the tour a few hours after our arrival and the overview was helpful and her tips regarding food and local shops were very useful.
We used her suggestions extensively over the weekend. She also helped us plan a self-guided tour to Toledo and this was particularly valuable.

We joined Almu on a tour of the Prado Museum and it was here that her extensive knowledge about art history and skill as a teacher really shone. Her explanations of the art and the artists made each work come to life. It was a privilege to spend three hours learning from her in this fabulous museum. This is time and money well spent!

London, UK
March 2016
Almu gave us 3 tours last weekend in Madrid: the Prado, Reina Sophia and Sorolla's house, and the tours were the most informative and enjoyable experiences of our stay.

The size of the museums are intimidating and she began by asking what specific interests we had and she tailored the tours to suit, and she added other interesting facts that we would never have uncovered. Her depth of knowledge is remarkable.

We enjoyed the tours so much that we engaged her to take us on a tour of Toledo which was the highlight of our long weekend. She took us to see a panoramic view of the city, then on to the Gothic Cathedral followed by the mosque and various other sites. She guided us away from the rip off restaurants to a sensibly priced restaurant for lunch and the whole day was truly memorable.

I can not recommend these tours highly enough.

Mike C
County Galway, Ireland
February 2016
Fuimos a Madrid para Fin de Año y tuvimos la suerte de que Almudena accediera a guiarnos durante las fiestas. 

Nuestra primera visita, al Prado, fue perfecta - la suficiente historia de España para ayudarnos a comprender la colección y 3 horas mirando cuadros con explicaciones de las obras maestras de la colección.  El Prado es enorme y pensamos que tener una guía era imprescindible.  Desde luego no habríamos disfrutado del museo ni la mitad sin la ayuda de Almu. 

La segunda visita fue la Guerra Civil Española el día 1 de enero.  Sinceramente, lo reservamos para tener algo que hacer ese día, pero... ¡nos sentimos muy afortunadas de haberlo hecho! Almu ofrece una explicación apasionada de la guerra, de la cual teníamos conocimientos muy limitados.  No nos consideraríamos amantes de la historia pero esta visita atraerá a cualquiera con una mente inquisitiva porque Almudena consigue traer esta fascinante historia al presente. 

He realizado muchos tours por todo el mundo y ¡Across Madrid es de los mejores! Además estamos muy agradecidos por la sugerencia de flamenco en Casa Patas - ¡espectacular y no una trampa para turistas!

Rhonda A
South Portland, Maine, Estados Unidos
Diciembre 2015
Tuvimos la suerte de asistir a una visita fascinante al Prado con Almudena.  Sus conocimientos y entusiasmo hicieran que toda la experiencia fuera fantástica. 

Hay tanto que ver en el Prado que es difícil asimilarlo todo; la habilidad de Almudena para escoger las obras maestras y tejer la historia de los cuadros y sus propietarios en su contexto histórico nos hizo comprender fácilmente la historia de España y de los diversos artistas. 

Su conocimiento a fondo de otras obras de arte en museos y galerías por todo el mundo añadió otra dimensión para disfrutar de esta visita.  

Además nos dió un montón de sugerencias para nuestra estancia en Madrid sobre qué hacer y ver. 

Definitivamente reservaremos otra de sus visitas guiadas en nuestro próximo viaje a Madrid.  Altamente recomendable.

Londres, Reino Unido
Noviembre 2015
Estábamos buscando tours específicos sobre la Guerra Civil Española para nuestra corta visita a Madrid y contactamos con Spanish Sites pero no recibimos respuesta.  Encontramos Across Madrid y me impresionó la prontitud con la que Almudena respondió a nuestros correos.  Adaptó las visitas a nuestras necesidades y nuestra familia disfrutó a fondo de la fantástica e informativa visita de los restos de la guerra en Madrid así como del campo de batalla de Jarama.  Los historiadores Almudena y Seve tenían unos conocimientos impresionantes y ofrecieron una perspectiva interesante sobre la Guerra.

También hicimos un tour del Museo Sorolla y del Prado con Across Madrid.  Fue una visita maravillosa y pudimos aprender sobre las obras maestras y su riquísimo trasfondo histórico. 

En resumen, quedamos muy satisfechos con el servicio ofrecido por Across Madrid. 

Diciembre 2015 
Almudena es a la vez una académica de Historia del Arte y una profesora magnífica, clara, fácil de entender y accesible en sus explicaciones.

En el Museo del Prado, nos mostró detalles que nunca habríamos notado, de una manera en la que nos ayudó a ver los cuadros como si cobraran vida. 

Con el tour de tapas, disfrutamos de una ruta de sabores inolvidable, siguiendo la costumbre de tomar solamente una tapa o una bebida en cada uno de los muchos sitios que visitamos, y donde mantuvimos el tipo de conversaciones que transforman a los desconocidos en buenos amigos. 

Y el tour de la Guerra Civil fur único por la forma en la que lo ilustró con una carpeta de documentos de la época, incluyendo algunos de su propia familia. 

Winston Salem, North Carolina, Estados Unidos
Noviembre 2015