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Prado Museum Tour Testimonials

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We had 3 excellent days with Almu in Madrid this month. Almu has all the qualities a good guide has:

She is extremely knowledgable and passionate about the art and history of Spain and Madrid, she is nice, funny has patience and is accommodating. 

We were 5 including grandparents and teenager and she was loved and appreciated by all. 

I highly recommend having her as your guide as it changed our trip for the best! Thank you Almu.

Einat R
April 2016
I would give Almu a six-star rating if I could. 

My husband and I took two tours with her on our recent trip to Madrid and could not have been more pleased.
The private tour of the Prado was amazing; we learned so much and were fascinated by her knowledge and ability to explain art in an engaging, creative way. 

She also took us on a tapas/food history tour and every detail was perfect. The foods were amazing and her knowledge of Madrid is extensive. 

We feel lucky to have spent time with her!

Anna Franks
March 2016
We took two tours with Almu and both were great in different ways. 

On our first day, right off the flight from the US and very jet-lagged, we took an overview tour of the city with her. We were six: my husband and me (in our sixties), a daughter and her husband, and their two teenage girls, who started out reluctant to do anything other than wait five hours for their hotel room to be readied. 

Alma was completely comfortable with this challenge, and her enthusiasm and knowledge of the city, plus her sensitivity to the needs of each generation, energized all of us and got our trip off to an exciting start. 

The next day we all took a tour of the Prado with her, followed by a visit to the Reina Sofia to see Guernica. My husband and I are art lovers, and knew what we wanted to see, but we had no clue how we would make this interesting to the teenagers, one of whom is a professed hater of museums. Alma was wonderful at getting them not only interested but engaged. In part this was because of Almu's manner of conveying excitement, in part it was because of her knowledge and extensive preparation, in part it was her flexibility (e.g.,Caroline is hungry, let's all get a snack!) and in part it was her ability to navigate around the museum so that we could see the highlights without losing much time getting lost. 

At dinner that evening, the younger girl (Caroline) talked nonstop about what she saw and learned on Almu's tour. She was completely enthralled. Even the older "museum hater" said she enjoyed it, and, in a few years, she will probably appreciate it more.

Almu is passionate about offering her tours at prices that are affordable to a wide range of travelers, but the quality of her tours is more in the "luxury" category.

We did not sign up for Almu's Spanish Civil War tour, but her expertise on that subject richly informed her commentary when we visited Guernica. This will be a must for our next visit.

Finally, Almu was extremely generous with her time and energy during the planning phase of our trip.  We had numerous emails and she recommended books on the Spanish Civil War that my husband and I read and enjoyed before we traveled.

Philadelphia, USA
March 2016