About Across Madrid

Almudena Cross Across Madrid is a concept designed by Dr. Almudena Cros. Almudena was born in Madrid and earned her degrees at the prestigious University of Warwick in England. She holds a B.A (Hons) in History of Art, a Master of Arts in Venetian Art History, and a PhD in Late Medieval Art History. Her doctoral thesis analyzed the artistic patronage of 14th-century cardinals in Italy, France and Spain, and she undertook research in the archives and libraries in Rome, the Vatican, Bologna, Avignon, Oxford, London, Paris and Toledo, with funding from the University of Warwick. After having studied and worked in England, Germany and Italy, Dr. Cros currently lives in the mountains northwest of Madrid with her Irish husband and their two young children, and she teaches History of Art at two American campuses in Madrid: Suffolk University (Boston) and Saint Louis University (Missouri).

Almudena has a wide range of teaching experience for different age groups and she has specifically enjoyed opening up Art for children. She worked at CaixaForum Madrid as a family workshop art history docent in 2009 and has designed and led children-friendly itineraries for leading tour companies.  She also led academic trips and visits in Italy and Spain for students from Warwick University (England), Georgia Southern University and Marietta College (USA), Notre Dame University (Australia) and the European Center for Jewish Students (Brussels), as well as for secondary school students from the Scuola Media Statale Italo Calvino in Piacenza (Italy) and high school students from France and Denmark.

Dr. Cros has also designed and taught the intensive summer course for postgraduate Interior Design students on Spanish Art and Architecture at Suffolk University’s Madrid campus and has recently taught Art History and History of the Spanish Civil War at the renowned Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo in Santander.  She is deeply involved in organizing commemorative events and ceremonies related to the International Brigades in Spain and England, and she has taken part as a consultant, interviewer and interpreter in numerous projects and documentaries related to the Spanish Civil War. Dr. Cros has recently featured on BBC4 radio and has worked as a cultural contributor in national Spanish radio SER.