• We are independent scholars and researchers with international careers at leading institutions, with ample teaching experience and cosmopolitan backgrounds.  Our academic credentials speak for themselves, but we have dynamic careers alongside or beyond that, and we are also passionate and knowledgeable about Madrid.
  • We help you discover and decode the history, art, and customs of Madrid.  Think of it as enlisting the help of a friendly local resident with a deep understanding of the city and what it has to offer. Choosing us will enhance your cultural experience—and, if you’re interested, we offer valuable insight into the city’s current affairs. We pride ourselves on taking care of you and on offering a wide range of extras if you want them: accompanied shopping, dining, full-day programmes or night-time walks.
  • We offer something genuinely different. We can provide a fascinating visit to lesser-known museum collections, offer insight into local cuisine and festivals or explain current municipal and national events.  We go into places and topics where others dare not go—because they lack our deep and intimate knowledge. We offer a new perspective on the ‘usual’ topics, and we explore themes that you might not find in printed guidebooks or in any other tour on offer in Madrid.
  • We are fiercely independent. We take no commissions or sponsorships from any shop, hotel, restaurant, or other business or institutions. We are truly independent! If we recommend somewhere, it’s because we’ve been there first and go back often, purely for good service and quality.
  • We are approachable and down-to-earth despite our excellent academic credentials. Our clients want to go beyond “the facts” printed in every guidebook and repeated over and over on many conventional tours.  They have inquisitive minds and want the insider experience, led by somebody genuinely enthusiastic, reliable, and highly qualified. 
  • We believe that education should be affordable and accessible. Our prices are moderate, and we offer discounted rates to students and children, as well as a reduced price for families of four or more members.
  • Our groups are small-size, but there is no minimum number per group: the maximum is 7 people for the Prado Museum, up to 8 for the other itineraries. For group visits, we will balance the needs of each group member. No minimum number of guests is required for a tour to run.  If there is only one person signed up, we will still lead that visit.
  • We can run some of our itineraries for large student groups at a very affordable price. If you are interested in offering your students an unforgettable learning seminar in Madrid, please contact us to book a visit to the Prado Museum or a tour on the Spanish Civil War in Madrid.
  • We are great with children, and we have ample experience designing and leading specific child-focused itineraries.  
  • We can accommodate your special requests and mobility issues.  We can certainly ensure that your experience is not hampered by mobility issues.
  • We are a compassionate, cruelty-free company. We do not support or endorse bullfighting. We won't take you to or facilitate tickets to bullfights.
  • We donate part of our profits to charitable and non-for profit organisations as part of our committment to social justice and education.
  • We respect all institutions and museums that admit in-house guides only, such as Patrimonio Nacional sites. We are, however, fully qualified to conduct tours in most sites in and around Madrid.
  • We deliver superb, flexible service, top-quality teaching, and a powerful, engaging insight into Madrid's past and present.

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