Across Madrid Tours

Introducing Madrid

Not sure how to best invest your limited time in Madrid? Want to taste some local specialties and get some sound advice on places to eat and drink? Would you like some information on museums and historical sites to visit while you are here?

Food, Wine and The City’s Soul

Explore with us the flavour and history of local food through tapas culture! Madrid’s tapas are also an exciting way to discover the character of the city and its buzzing street life.

Master Class at the Prado

This 3 hour Master Class in the Prado Museum will save you time trying to navigate the rooms and help you focus on key artworks as we explore and discuss the highlights of the collection.

Art in Madrid’s Mansions 1900-1920s

This walk, an original concept launched in July 2014, is articulated around two mansions that define urban architecture, art, and the creation of private collections in early twentieth-century Madrid.

Master Class at the Thyssen

This 3-hour Master Class in the Thyssen Museum is ideal for those who have already experienced the Prado Museum and want to explore other art collections.

Turbulent Times and Modern Art

This 3-hour Master Class analyzes the artistic production and personality of one of the most influential Spanish painters, Francisco de Goya (1746-1828).

Master Class at the Archaeological Museum

The recently re-opened Museo Arqueológico Nacional in Madrid holds a truly spectacular array of artistic treasures that make up the complex history of the land known as Spain.

Madrid in the Spanish Civil War

Between 1936 and 1939, a terrible war divided Spain. The legitimate Republican government was betrayed and attacked by a group of fascist officers in the Armed Forces and the fight for control of the capital resulted in a war lasting almost 3 years.

From Absolute Monarchy to Freedom: changing lifestyles in Madrid

This 3-hour itinerary explores the exciting social changes that took place in Madrid between the age of Absolute Monarchy with its display of fabulous wealth and

Searching for the Bear of Madrid

Come with us to discover Madrid as a family! We have created our own didactic materials for this original treasure hunt which sends children in search of a series of fantastic animals, characters and symbols, including the omnipresent emblem of the city: the Bear and Tree.

Discovering Art at the Prado through a treasure hunt

This interactive visit to the Prado Museum is designed to foster children´s curiosity and stimulate their visual memory. 

Discovering Art at the Thyssen Museum through a treasure hunt

This interactive scavenger hunt at the Thyssen Museum is designed to encourage children to engage with art in a fun and educational way.

Myth and Reality: a Treasure Hunt

Come with us to dig up the past! This interactive visit to the National Archaeological Museum is designed to encourage children to ask questions about daily life in different cultures,

Myth and Reality: a Treasure Hunt

Come with us to discover the ancient stories told in classical Greece and Rome! This is a treasure hunt focused on Mythology at the Prado. The great stories created in Greece were adapted and retold in Rome and in Europe since the Renaissance, and they still resonate with us.