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''I would like to express my admiration and my deepest respect for those who, throughout these difficult years, overcoming the obstacles along their way, have worked to keep alive the memory of our war, of our 3 years of unequal fight to defend the progress and democracy embodied by the Republic, which had been finally achieved by our people after decades of struggle and sacrifice.  Amongst the indifference and the hostility from so-called democratic countries, whose governments should have helped us (only the Soviet Union and Mexico did) I would like to point out the solidarity of the working class from all over the world which was reflected on the glorious International Brigades.  Their intervention, fighting together with our combatants, was decisive, from the very first battles in our capital, Madrid, through the battle of the Ebro.  Their heroism and the high losses they suffered should one day be written on golden letters in our history books.

''Dr. Almudena Cros combines an extensive knowledge of art history with a lively and engaging personality which makes her the ideal guide to extraordinary riches of Goya’s art in Madrid.

Her academic qualifications are impeccable. Even more importantly, Almu brings the art of the past alive, conveys the passionate excitement of looking and, through looking, offers insights not only about individual works but about the world in which they were made.

Almu has extensive experience as a teacher and a guide. Combined with her lifelong knowledge of the city, she is the perfect companion on a voyage of discovery through Madrid and its past.''

Professor Neil McWilliam, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Art History at Duke University, USA.
"As an educator who travels a lot, I'm rather picky when it comes to being guided. I want an intelligent blend of history & genuine local connections, all delivered by the kind of person I would enjoy being friends with. That's a tall order, but I found it in the woman running "Across Madrid". She's actually a one-woman show, offering a small collection of personalized (and most importantly, affordable) tours. I cannot even fairly call what she offered me a tour. It felt like meeting an old friend who wanted to share her passion with me. The theme of our first walk was the Spanish civil war. It's still an incredibly sensitive topic in this country, but she personalized her presentation of the information in such an engaging and intelligent way. She was not only patient with my constant questioning, but became truly excited when I got excited too! All in all, when our time was up I was actually sad to say goodbye to her. That's the sign of a truly great guide!

I was so impressed with my experience in that first tour that I actually rearranged my schedule to make time for a second one with her. Because I work in schools I requested a Prado tour that mixed both kid and adult interests. Almu personalized the tour to meet my requests, and for a second time I felt like I was sharing an exciting adventure with a dedicated educator. She is tremendously skilled at selecting pieces that students would find interesting and, at the same time, engaging them actively. All the while never forgetting to please her adult audience!

As an educational professional I am so impressed with the structure, the content and the delivery of both the tours I participated in, and I hereby endorse her tour of the Prado for Children as well as the Spanish Civil War tour. As a traveler, I am really thankful for the refreshing style of her tour themes. As an adventurer I am thrilled to have found someone as excited to share her culture as Almu clearly is.

This woman is just incredible. Her tours are amazingly unique. I hope if any of you make it to Madrid that you prioritize time with her. She will make your time in that city so meaningful."

Amy McMahon (B.A. History, M.A.), Assistant Principal at an international school, High School Social Studies Teacher and educational consultant, USA.
Declaration of Endorsement

''We, the Friends of the International Brigades in Ireland, endorse the tours provided by Dr. Almudena Cros on the subject of the Spanish Civil War in Madrid, as well as the tours led by Severiano Montero to the battlefields of Jarama and Brunete.  The excellent educational value provided by these tours help maintain alive the memory of the International Brigades.  The committment and dedication shown by both Almudena and Severiano through the years is appreciated by our Association, and we hereby endorse and recommend their work. 

They are the first port of call for anybody with an interest in the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War.''  

Eddie O'Neill, Secretary, Friends of the International Brigades in Ireland
"Almudena Cros can do the impossible! She transformed a jet lagged group of American 8th graders who had already toured the grand Bernabeu Stadium that afternoon into mesmerized engaged students in the Prado for two hours of art and Spanish history.

She accomplished that feat of educational prowess with her engaging personality, professional expertise, knowledge of young teens, and a keen eye as to what art would make the best memories for the students. The next day when we toured Escorial with a docent there, she was amazed at what the students knew and how they had a grasp of that historical epoch in Spain.

The Wood Acres School in Marietta, Georgia is an International Spanish Academy through the Embassy of Spain in Washington, DC. We had high expectations for our trip and Dr. Cros launched our journey to this amazing country to the apogee of enjoyment and education. She will be a part of our planning each year hence!"

Judith T. Thigpen, Head of School, The Wood Acres School, Georgia, USA.

Declaration of Endorsement

We hereby state that Professor Almudena Cros has demonstrated a great competence in the subject of the Spanish Civil War, particularly in the field of the military and historical aspects of the defence of Madrid.

We therefore endorse and recommend her as a reliable guide for visits dedicated to this subject.

"In October 2013, I spent three days in Madrid conducting a site evaluation as part of a business trip. During my stay there, arrangements were made for me to experience an educational tour of the famous Prado Museum. Dr. Almudena Cros Gutierrez facilitated a most memorable and engaging educational tour of the Prado. Her knowledge of the full collection was impeccable.

Dr. Cros was most skilled at clarifying and articulating abstract content found among the Museum’s art pieces. She also brought to life the cultural and historical contexts, which informed these historical relics. As she led me through the gallery, I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. Little did I know that that tour would emerge as one of the most delightful highlights of my trip, and it has since left an indelible mark on my time in Madrid.

I am delighted to endorse Almudena Cros Gutierrez for her expertise on the Prado Museum, her engaging instructional style and delivery, and her strong command of the art history of Madrid."

Dr. Larry Rice, Ed.D., Interim President of Johnson & Wales University, North Miami, Florida, USA.
"Everyone knows that Madrid is a great place to look at art.  But how do you get the most out of a short space of time?  The answer is usually to hire a guide.  But which guide?  There are so many to choose from and they all profess to offer the best service.  Having done art tours with a number of different guides, I would choose Almudena Cros.