Master Class at the Archaeological Museum

The recently re-opened Museo Arqueológico Nacional in Madrid holds a truly spectacular array of artistic treasures that make up the complex history of the land known as Spain.

This 3 hour Master Class will help you understand the different layers of Spain’s earliest history through the various civilizations that settled and developed across the Peninsula. Our itinerary focuses on a discussion of the significance of the exhibits selected for us by archaeologist Saúl Martín González. His careful choice of artifacts from the vast collection in the Museum includes examples of Prehistoric artistic expression, captivating Iberian sculptures, magnificent Visigothic gold crowns, and exquisite ivory carvings from the Middle Ages.

Learn about the importance of the exchanges between East and West which took place in this land for millennia and has influenced Spanish society to this day. This specially- designed itinerary of the National Archaeological Museum helps you visualize how different cultures shaped the landscape and the material culture of different regions across time.

Our consultant, Saúl Martín González, is an archaeologist working on the final stages of his doctoral thesis on rural society in Late Antique Hispania at the Complutense University in Madrid. Saúl, who has worked at the Museo Arqueológico Nacional cataloguing pieces in the Roman collection, has published a wide range of academic articles on aspects of late Roman and Visigothic culture in Spain and has taken part in archaeological research and excavations throughout Spain, Portugal and Italy. Saúl is also the director and presenter of a history program in Spanish radio, ‘Las Arenas de Cronos’.

Length: 3 hours. Maximum group size: 8 people.


Group tour prices
Please note that we run our tours even if there is just one person signed up, so there is no minimum number of participants.  
If you want to book a group tour but nobody else signs up, we will stilll run the tour for one person for 90 euros.
Price per person decreases according to the number of people booking the tour:

2 to 3 people: 70 euros per adult
4 people: 60 euros per adult
5 people: 55 euros per adult
6 to 8 people: 50 euros per adult

Discounted rates:

60 euros for students or senior citizens (over 65 years)
50 euros for children under 18 (children under 4 free of charge)

Private tour prices
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 For example, the cost for a private tour for 1 adult will be 70 plus 50 euros =120 euros, and a private tour for 2 people will be 140 plus 50 euros = 190 euros. 

Family Special offer
For family units of up to 6 members, including 2 or more children: 220 euros flat fee per family. This is a guaranteed private tour. 

Museo Arqueológico Nacional tickets: 3 euros per adult - included in the price.
No hidden charges: 21% VAT included in our prices.
Please bring your passport to qualify for a reduced entrance fee to the Museum (over 65 years old, children under 18 or students under 26 with a valid College or University ID)

Available days and starting times:
Please note that advance booking is required and that although we are flexible and can often accommodate last-minute bookings, it is best to book early to avoid disappointment. These are our suggested days and times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: starting at 10:00.
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: starting at 14:30.

Please note that due to the Museo Arqueológico Nacional’s opening times:
* This Master Class does not run on Mondays.
* This Master Class does not run on Sunday or holidays in the afternoons.

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