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Power to the People Testimonials

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My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the Power to the People tour.

Almudena provided us with a great insight into the architectural, political and social history of the time.

She was very friendly and relaxed in her delivery. She also provided us with lots of local information like where to go shopping and a great recommendation of where to get dinner.

Micheal O
May 2016
I took both the Power to the People tour and the Civil War tour. Both tours were extremely well organized and informative.

Almudena was great and tailored both tours to my knowledge level.

I knew nothing about the War of Independence, and so it was all new to me; and a lot to take in. Almudena made the history come to life and the walking tour went thorough parts of Madrid you would never see on a standard tour and gave me a glimpse of how and where the "regular" people lived and worked. There is a "well kept secret" church on the tour that was better than any other I saw in the city.

I knew a lot about the CIvil War, but Almudena took me to the places where things actually happened and it was amazing to see them and compare then to now. Due to politics, most of the sites are unmarked or have a very small plaque, but she knows them all.

Her grandparents fought on the Republican side during the war and the family stories made it all the more interesting. You might want to ask her about the Valley of the Fallen; you will get quite a response - I loved it.

Austin, Texas, USA
October 2015

Am an Art History student and decided to try with a friend the 'Power to the People'  guided visit with Across Madrid.  It is worth doing this tour because it is like a private lesson with a University professor, who is also pleasant, agreeable and approachable.  I discovered aspects of Madrid´s history as well as monuments and places I did not know. The 3-hour visit ended in the National Museum of the Romantic Era, a gem where it is easy to get lost, but Almudena (our professor) made sure that we remained focused on the highlights of the collection related to the historic period we were covering.  The Museum shop is one of the best I have seen in the museums in Madrid: a good selection of books, gifts (no sweets made by nuns, unlike in the exhibition at the Centro Cultural de la Villa).  The coffee shop and the courtyard are ideal for a snack at relatively affordable prices, taking into account that you are in a historic building.  

The level of knowledge, and the handling of materials used by Almudena during the itinerary was spectacular, and something new for me.  Because this is a small-size tour, she centred on us and gave us information on whatever we were more interested in.  I learned more in those 3 hours and a bit than by reading books on nineteenth-century Madrid.  Furthermore, we were very lucky because it was only 2 of us, so we could follow our own rythm, without stress or hurry or the interruption of other people.  Honestly, it has been a real luxury to have been able to do this private tour with a Doctor in Art History for 60 euros.

Madrid, Spain
February 2015