''I cannot imagine a better tour than the one Dr. Almudena Cros provides. She has been invaluable to me in my research on Ernest Hemingway's participation in the Spanish Civil War, and we are currently collaborating on a documentary with Villon Films. She knows the war, she knows Madrid, she knows art history, and she is passionate about all three. She is a born teacher, full of enthusiasm for sharing what she has learned while continuing to learn, qualities that make her a perfect guide to Madrid, Jarama, Brihuega, or wherever else in Spain you might want to explore. Across Madrid is not just a job or career for Almudena; it's her calling.''

Dr. Alex Vernon, Professor of English at Hendrix College, Gulf War veteran, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation and Society and author of Hemingway's Second War
"Almudena Cros is a leading Authority on the events and personalities of the Spanish Civil War. As the events organiser of The Orwell Society I used her services when the Society visited the Civil War sites around Huesca. She gave us a superb tour in partnership with our local guide Victor Pardo Lancina. Almudena has a long association with the groups who look after the legacy of the International Brigades. She therefore has great authority with her knowledge of the sites and battlefields of the Madrid area. I recommend that anyone with a wish to learn more about the events of the Spanish Civil War in the Madrid area, should seek out Almudena and Across Madrid tours."

Quentin Kopp, son of Orwell's Commander in Spain and Events Organiser for the Orwell Society.