''We are the Friends and Family of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, the Americans who saw the dangers of Fascism and went to Spain to defend the legally elected democratic government of Spain from Franco's fascist rebellion, which was backed by Hitler and Mussolini's forces and armaments. 

It is a pleasure to be able to recommend Almudena Cros' tours to those coming over to Spain to seek a better understanding of the Spanish Civil War.  Almudena combines outstanding scholarship and an engaging, easy to understand delivery with a passionate commitment to the anti-fascist values we uphold.  Whether you are learning about the Spanish Civil War for the first time or honoring a friend or family member's connection to Spain, her tours will enhance your travel experience. 

Dr. Cros is a true educator, uncovering and preserving her country's history, and that of the International Brigades.  Touring with Almudena will also help you to understand the current issues in Spain such as the movement for the reclamation of historical memory.  She is literally, and figuratively, tireless in her efforts to provide a tour which will inspire and enlighten!''

Nancy Wallach, on behalf of the Friends and Family of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.