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Across Madrid Cultural Tours was an excellent choice! Me and my wife was amazed and delighted of the wonderful energy and knowledge of our guide Almudena. She is basically working her butt off to make it worthwhile to spend time with her and her company:)

Choosing Across Madrid Cultural Tours gave us an experience that made our visiting Madrid something really extra!

Gunnar N
Stockholm, Sweden
November 2015
We took the Introduction to Madrid and the Prado tour, and then a day trip to Toledo with Almudena.

She is delightful to spend time with and extremely well versed in her subject matter. Almudena's knowledge and joy in sharing her wealth of information made everything come alive.

We truly enjoyed all of our tours. The visit to the Prado with Almudena, an art historian, made the experience very special.

She is an outstanding guide, well organized, personable, and able to adapt tours to the needs and desires of her clients.

Massachusetts, USA
October 2015
Based on our experience during a more than 3 hour tour across cultural Madrid, we are convinced that with Almudena you will learn more about the city, community, places and history of Madrid than you will anywhere else.

It's worth much more than what you pay because there is far much more than learning. She really is enthusiastic to tell you about backgrounds of specific neighbourhoods, plazas, streets, buildings and people. She really prepares your tour based on the information about what you are interested in most. Where large groups and their guide -that is, if he/she knows the place- stay outside a specific house or restaurant showing you the facade, Almudena brings you inside. To see, smell, feel or taste from what happened more than 100 years ago or for more than 100 years already. She knows the owner and owners respect her for her approach.

When she saw an old man in a traditional black cape staring in the window of a top-class cape-store like a child stares into a candy shop, she got overwhelmingly enthusiastic and asked him dozens of questions to learn herself more and let us hear at first hand about old traditions coming back again in Spain.

She prepared our trip to tell about the Spanish side of the story of the (not so friendly) encounters of the Spanish and Dutch naval fleets almost 500 years ago. And she showed us the 'real' Madrid, where and how locals enjoy or struggle their daily life. We had no idea that so close to the crowded centre one can find areas with almost no tourists around. If you treat yourselves to a weekend in Madrid, make it special with Almudena.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
October 2015