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I had the very good fortune to engage Across Madrid Tours as my tour guide company during a recent visit to Madrid. 

The owner and prinicpal guide Almudena is a native born Madridian with a Masters and PhD degree in art history and experience living outside Spain in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. Accordingly she brings an extremely knowledgable, while at the same time broad and nuanced perspective to the tours that Across Madrid provides. 

We first went on her introductory Madrid Briefing tour which served to, not only inform me about a number of the city's principal historical venues, but also restaurants, shops, markets, and evening events. 

The following day we visited the Prado Museum. Almudena is very adept at focusing her clients on the principal pieces in the Prado collection, not only as major art pieces but also from the historical, religious and poliitical perspective of the time the art was produced. She conveys an art curator's depth of knowledge and, at the same time, a contagious enthuasim for the art pieces she introduces to her clients. Several hours in the Prado with Almudena seemed to go by in half the time. 

On my first day with Almudena I expressed interest in doing a day trip from Madrid to one of the outlying towns such as Toledo, Avila, El Escorial. Almudena was all over it. She recommended Toledo and when we met for the Prado Museum tour the next day she had a file for me containing a map, brochures on Toledo's attractions and a top five list of the sites she recommended I visit. In addition she walked me to the train station where I purchased a return ticket to that town.

Across Madrid Tours' Madrid Spanish Civil War tour is unique and a must do. Almudena incorporates in the tour archival photos, anecdotes from International Brigade survivors and family members who experienced the war and even a war medal. Her knowledge extends to the ramifiactions the war had and continues to have on the city of Madrid and the people of Spain. 

I highly recomend taking one or more of Almudena's tours on a visit to Madrid. 

James M
Vancouver, Canada
November 2014
This was my first time Madrid and I was so happy that I had Almudena take me and a friend on a walking tour of the city as well as a visit to the Prado. Almudena has a Master's and PhD in Art History and this tour was so much fun as well as informative/interesting.

We met at our hotel and then walked all over the city. It was so nice to not have to think about where we were going, and got to see so many sights with an explanation for everything that we saw. After our walking tour, we had lunch together at a wonderful tapas restaurant and then we were off to the Prado.

I am not a big museum lover but Almudena made is so interesting, and she correlated the great works of art into historical context. We really got to know the Royal Family through her. She held our interest throughout the 3 hour visit! I was not bored.

Let me also add that Almudena is truly a pleasure. She communicates perfectly and was very helpful with restaurant recommendations, flamenco shows and museums to visit. All of her recommendations were right on. Across Madrid Tours is a must on your next visit to that city. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

M. Smith
September 2014