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Prado Museum Tour Testimonials

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Our tour guide, Almudena, went out of her way to make the tour enjoyable, informative, and memorable.

We both don't have an art history background, so she catered to our level of knowledge by explaining pertinent pieces and context surrounding them. She was accommodating to our schedule and made things easy for us.

This was the best art tour we've ever taken and we would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Madrid. She also followed up with personal recommendations for the rest of our trip through Spain, which turned out to be just as helpful as her Prado tour!

David M
May 2015
If only there was a rating for more than 5 stars! What a great experience: the ONLY way to see the Prado the first time is with Almudena. She is an art historian as well as a teacher and has not only all the appropriate skills and profound knowledge to offer but is also a very pleasant and sensitive person to be with.

The Prado is so huge and overwhelming but she chose just the appropriate amount of pictures to give us an understanding of the historical progression of European art: how to understand every painter by knowing how that painter followed on the techniques of previous painters, as well as the milieu they were reflecting. In this way in this limited time she gave us the tools to go back at any time and see the others with an understanding we would not have had before.

Efficient, kind, personable: I would recommend this guide to any age group but treat yourself to a private tour with her!

Thank You so much Almudena: this was definitely one of our highlight experiences in Madrid!

Dr Helen Engelbrecht and Christopher Stanton
May 2015

I had the great opportunity of attending a tour managed and ran by Ms. Almudena who not only has a degree in Fine Art as well as a higher degree in English. Her command of the English language made the tour even more pleasant.

It was real privilege having had someone with this kind of credentials as my guide. It was the best spent 70 Euros I could have had.

She was extremely knowledgeable and passionate and patiently answered all of my questions. I highly recommend this tour to all.

Louie H
Great Neck, USA
March 2015