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Prado for Children Testimonials

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Almudena was amazing on our tour of the Prado. My husband and I had our 6-year-old son along with his godparents and their 10-year-old daughter. She was able to keep them engaged in such an overwhelming place for 2.5 hours.

While she focused on ensuring the children learned about the art and its history, she was also able to quickly indulge U.S. adults with our questions as well. It was a perfect balance.

It is clear that she understands the learning styles of children and encourages us to allow the child to experience the museum from his/her developmental standpoint- which I appreciated greatly. She made sure to reinforce concepts previously taught throughout the tour, as well as bridge themes across different pieces of art. We cannot recommend this tour enough.

For my 6-year-old to have such a good time and maintain focus was just heartwarming to see, especially since we know he loves art. Seeing the grand Prado broken down for him step by step so he could truly appreciate the experience was definitely priceless!

Almudena is extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate about her work, which in itself was a treat to see! She can do the tour in English, Italian, or Spanish, and she provided her own supplemental teaching materials to make sure the children had a well-rounded experience! We LOVED it!

Karen Rae S
California, USA
July 2015

We just had the most amazing tour with Almudena.

Our boys are 9 and 5 and I really worried about taking them out of school for 3 weeks to visit Spain, but after our tour I felt totally justified.  I think they learned more in those 2 hours than they did all year!

Almudena kept us captivated with her stories and her passion for the art and history. 

Worth every penny and more!

July 2015

We have three children ages, 12, 8, and 5 and Almudena captured their attention
throughout the tour of the Prado.

She has such a passion for art and it really got the kids excited about what they were seeing. We really liked the fact that she concentrated on just some of the art in the museum because trying to view the entire museum would have been too much for all of us.

We would highly recommend this tour for any traveling families- wonderful!

Massachusetts, USA
June 2015