"I have had the pleasure of acquaintance with Almudena Cros for about two years. In that time, we have established a close working relationship and friendship.

It is no exaggeration to say that Almudena's co-operation has been essential to the progress of my documentary about the making of the Spanish Civil War classic film The Spanish Earth, by filmmaker Joris Ivens and Ernest Hemingway. Her assistance in research, translation, and interviewing has been invaluable.  

Under Almudena's guidance, Hemingway biographer Alex Vernon and myself have tracked down Civil War sites in Madrid, and tramped some of the battlefields.   She has readily offered her close knowledge of the nuances of the Spanish Civil War, and her perfect knowledge of English has made everything accessible to someone like myself whose Spanish is less than perfect.

It is a pleasure to watch Almudena reacting with people in the process of interviewing for my film; she has the rare ability to charm our people into responding with absolute candour to her questions. She brings an enthusiasm to everything she does that is infectious. As well as translator, researcher, interviewer, she has readily earned the title of associate producer. I look forward to profiting from her knowledge and skills well into the future. And to the sheer pleasure of her company."

Peter Davis, Award winning documentary director and founder of Villon Films, Canada.