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My husband and I took advantage of two Across Madrid tours on our first visit to Madrid. We booked an orientation tour at 10 am the morning we arrived, since we weren't sure we would be able to get into our hotel room that early. Mercedes provided just what we needed--a good mix of history, art, and food, plus a chance to familiarize ourselves with the center of the city, which made it possible for us to navigate easily on our own afterward. My husband has trouble walking for long distances, and Mercedes found places for him to sit occasionally, while continuing to tell us about the city. She could not have been more knowledgeable or personable. 

 We enjoyed Almu's open and friendly personality, her in-depth knowledge, asking us what we wanted to know on the walking tour and then introducing us to wonderful eating places on tour 1 and then taking us through the Prado museum a couple of days later for tour 2. Small, personal service from a knowledgeable expert. THANKS!

Shanghai, China
September 2016 
(TripAdvisor review)
We are a family who like culture, history, art, cuisine and seeing the lifestyle of the people in the city that we visit. Almudena has not only accomplish all of that but she excell in all aspect. A very skilled and knowledgeable tour guide who can engaged all her visitor of different age in the discussion of a very complicated paintings.

She will gave you the chance to taste the famous delicacies in Madrid. She also has visual aids to help her deliver a message. She also gave us a take home article to make you appreciate the significance of an artifact. One of the best guide we have ever meet! Great job Almu! God bless in your motherhood journey.

Ayesa H
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
August 2016
(TripAdvisor Review)