What is the buzz about that bus?

Priscilla, the Queen of the Desert laden with glitz and glamour, has taken Madrid by storm for the second time around. Kudos to Som Produce who have given credence to the fact that this multi cast show can still draw huge crowds.

It may be a simple tale at the outset of odd individuals whose only prized possession is a tour bus christened Priscilla. However, the story gains momentum as the other characters join in and the hilarious situations keep the audience laughing in stitches.


Servilia Caepionis, Julius Caesar´s paramour, may not have figured prominently in the annals of history, but we know that she was loyal to him until he was brutally slain by her son Brutus, together with her son-in-law Cassius, in 44 B.C.  Servilia´s turbulent love life and her political involvement make us ponder on the private and public roles played by women in ancient Rome.

The history of Rome is replete with power, passion, greatness and glory, but very limited  reference is made to the gifted and attractive women lingering in the background.  But finally, the voice of Roman females from the past can be heard (and rather loudly, too) thanks to the Caixa Banking Foundation.  All roads will truly lead to Rome in this temporary exhibition, held at Caixa Forum until February 14th.  This fantastic selection of pieces will bring us right into the heart of women and their daily lives in the midst of the Roman Empire.

If you love traditional toys, if you care for the planet, and if you are looking for an educational gift, Lobo Feliz is a superb choice.  This toy shop, located very close to the Museo del Romanticismo, is a wonderful discovery for those who might think that only trendy fashion stores or bars are to be found in the Malasaña neighbourhood. 

Ever since I stumbled upon this wonderful place soon after settling in Madrid in 2008, my admiration for the creative art of Lola Fonseca has not stopped growing.  Throughout the years, I have relished every visit to this silk painting workshop to enjoy the fantastic creations on display.  If you appreciate top-quality craftmanship and artistic talent, this place will stay in your soul forever and you will return whenever possible to admire the hand-painted silk scarves and shawls designed and executed by Lola Fonseca and her son Claudio, who joined the shop in 2013.

In a city that is growing in leaps and bounds like Madrid it is a sheer pleasure to stumble upon a singular bazaar that is situated in a tent-like store in Antón Martín, close to Huertas.  This wonderful bazaar, organised by Persépolis cultural centre, offers exotic goods and culture under an Omar Khayyam styled layout, where the famed eleventh-century mathematician, poet, scholar and astronomer would surely have indulged in his all-time passion: verse recitals.

In this digital era, when we read the news, communicate and post photographs online, we sometimes find ourselves reminiscing of olden times when books, photograph albums and journals were tangible objects.  The disposable nature of digital photography and other material on the web has perhaps made us forget the value that once was attached to printed images and paper media.  There is a revival in handcrafted, artistic objects which are rare to find, and this is where La Eriza comes into play.  This is an artisan bookbinding workshop run by Óscar Sánchez Lozano. 


Entering this toy shop / bookshop is a must for any adult interested in a comprehensive approach to education for children.  For the last 4 years, this shop in the heart of the Literary Quarter in Madrid, known as Barrio de las Letras, has been offering a wide range of possibilities for the younger ones, encompassing pretty much everything you can think of from books to jigsaws, games, soft dolls and wooden toys… and everything (and I mean, everything!) is gorgeous and selected according to the careful criteria of its owners, Nathalie and Rai. 

BAZAR 2015 A5 ING 215x300 copia reducida On Sunday 29th November, the British Ladies Association will be holding their Charity Bazaar in Madrid.  
 This is a  great opportunity to find something different for your holiday      shopping! 

 Make sure you do not miss out on this Bazaar held next Sunday 29th      November at Apartamentos Centro Norte (Mauricio Legendre 16)    from 12:00 to 18:00! Admission is €3 for adults and €1 for children aged 3  to 10. 

 Let´s look at the history of this great Association in the article written by our  guest contributor Christopher Miller:
The origins of the British Ladies – how a trifle gesture started it all  

 Akin to most charitable organizations, The British Ladies Association startedon a modest scale.  When the Second World War broke out in 1939 Lady Paterson - the then British Ambassador´s  Wife - incepted The Ambassadress´ Knitting Party. Groups of British Ladies teamed up to knit comforts for the troops, namely the Army, the Navy and the Marines under the Patronage of Lady Maud Hoare, later to become Viscontess Templewood.

Cabaret gains loftier heights in Madrid´s Gran Via

Bright lights are going to fire up your soul right in Gran Via as Broadway´s all time successful Cabaret hits the boards at the refurbished Teatro Rialto.

Accolades go out to director Jaime Azpilicueta for staging a new version of Cabaret in the Spanish capital. Theater buffs still recall his brilliant 2003 Cabaret starring talented Spanish theatrical icon Natalia Millián in the title role. The whole world has been a stage for Azpilicueta, who has has masterfully tackled the Greek classics as well as iconic literary works of Lope de Vega, Arthur Miller. Samuel Becket, Tennessee Williams, Shakespeare, Harold Pinter, John Osborne and George Bernard Shaw amongst others. The noted director, whose shining career started in his late teenage years, has successfully presented his plays in many countries in South America as well as in New York. Fifteen million spectators both in Spain and in Latin America over the years have thronged to see his remarkable production of Sé infiel y no mires con quién, which became a box office hit for over twenty years. Celía Cruz, The Musical, one of his recent productions, had a successful nine month run on Broadway. Evita, Barnum and Chorus Line also appear in his ever increasing track record. Once again Azpilicueta has injected a new vein into a much acclaimed musical raising it to loftier heights into the bargain.

A long, long week has gone by since the despicable terrorist attack on Paris took place last Friday 13 November.  A truly wonderful, generous, welcoming, lively European capital was ripped to pieces that night, and the rest of the world woke up to the terrible news a few hours later.  The sudden loss of human life, the physical and psychological trauma endured by the victims and their loved ones was overwhelmingly painful for all involved and for anybody who has a heart and the ability to empathise.  At some point, the news coverage and the images of a city- a whole country, really- in mourning were too much to bear, and I refused to read anymore.