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Spanish Civil War Tour Testimonials

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Margaret and I joined Almudena on this walk through the important sites where the Spanish civil war happened in Madrid including University City where the internationals held off the invading nationals.

We got an intimate and impassioned view of what led up to the war, how it unfolded in Madrid and the aftermath for the Spanish people.

For us this was a unique and unforgettable experience.

New York, USA
April 2016
Great tour of Madrid and the Spanish Civil War taking me round Madrid showing points of interest and fascinating sights.

Really informative and lots of great back stories to provide the human element of the period.

A TripAdvisor Member
April 2016
We did the Civil War tour. I have studied in Madrid some years ago and knew that there had been some heavy fighting in the city. However, I was very impressed to finally see the wounds of the city. Not only the physical ones (bullet holes in the buildings in the centre and at the University where I studied), but also the human ones.

The impact of the Civil War is still everywhere and our guide Almudena made us very well aware of that. We were impressed by Almudena's passionate way of telling, all the material she had brought with her and her energy. She managed to keep the tour interesting for me with some background on the war, but at the same time for my boyfriend with almost no background on the topic.  

Also she was flexible with her time, that was great. We have enjoyed this complete tour, with many personal stories.

If you want more than just sightseeing in Madrid, we highly recommend this tour!

Lieke V
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
November 2015