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Spanish Civil War Tour Testimonials

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I had the pleasure of one of the most interesting, enlightening and informative tours in this attraction. Almudena is an intelligent host, mixing the greater story of how the Civil War affected Madrid as a city, with the personal details of how individuals were affected too.

Almudena has a passion for her subject which is infectious. Although I did this tour on my own, and therefore had her undivided attention, I believe it would be just as intimate with a small group.

If you even only have a passing interest in history, or understanding how a city can suffer, then I cannot recommend this tour highly enough.

D. Yiken
October 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed Across Madrid Tours of Spanish Civil War sites in Madrid.

Almudena Cros provided a comprehensive historical context for the war that gripped Spain in the late 1930s. She supplemented her incisive narrative with historical pictures comparing them to contemporary views and she added personal family anecdotes that made the past come alive.

It was especially meaningful to me, the son of an international volunteer who fought on behalf of the Spanish Republic, to see some of the places where the battle for Madrid unfolded and to hear their story told by someone who values their sacrifices.

I highly recommend Across Madrid Tours for visitors wanting to discover little known aspects of this important history.

Paul F.
September 2014
Have never written a review before but have just come back from Madrid and before I went googled a Spanish Civil War tour around the city with Almudena of Across Madrid Tours. Well as it turned out this was the very highlight of me going to Madrid.

This woman is hugely engaging, really smart and has a direct family history related with passion, along with proper memorabilia and artifacts of the fight against Franco's fascists. Enjoyed discussing the war with her family and connections with the International Brigades.

If you are in Madrid it would be a folly not seeing Almudena....a top, top tour.

Christine K
August 2014