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Spanish Civil War Tour Testimonials

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We really enjoyed our 2 tours with Almudena. On our first one, the Spanish Civil War, we learned so much about Spanish history and culture that it enhanced our entire trip.

Our visit to the Reina Sophia to see Picasso's Guernica was special. 

In fact, we enjoyed spending time with Almudena so much that we booked another tour of the Prado. She was amazing and it was very interesting to tour a museum with a art historian! We learned so much more than if visiting ourselves.

Almudena is passionate about her country and is a wonderful guide. We only wish we were in Madrid longer so we could take more tours and we look forward to our return.

Florida, USA
September 2015

I was so fortunate that I was able to find this tour, one of my highlight of my trip to Spain. The Spanish Civil war tour was amazing, and Dr. Cros was passionate and extremely knowledgeable on the subject.

We went to the University at Madrid to see the scars that the university faced from the battle of Madrid during the Civil war. It was amazing learning about the battle that took place there and the stories the soldiers told during the fight, but it was equally fascinating learning about how it was affecting Spain today.

I was amazed when Dr. Cros asked some students if they knew what had caused the damage to the buildings, and they had no idea. We saw the remnants of the trenches near the university, and then went to the Franco monument (A Fascist monument in 2015? What?). We then went to Puerta del Sol to learn more about the history of the civil war, including what caused it, who helped Franco domestically and internationally, and how the civil war ended.

I could go on about how great this tour was but if you are reading this far you should be going to the website and booking a tour and experience it for yourself, that’s how great it was.

California, USA
September 2015

Almudena met us at Plaza Del Sol to begin the tour. She gave us the background of the battle at various points within walking distance of the meeting location.

She has a folder with pictures, maps and other material that she used to help describe the battle. We then went to the University were she described how the battle progressed and showed us actual battle damage.

If you are interested in the Spanish Civil War this tour will help you better understand the part Madrid played in the conflict.

John F
October 2015