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Spanish Civil War Tour Testimonials

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Me and my partner took two tours with Across Madrid and they were the highlight of our stay here. 

We took a wonderful tour to Jarama and had a fantastic tapas night on our last evening.

Jarama was brilliant. Almudena and Severiano took us to several memorials, the battlefield, a museum and a network of republican trenches. My partner didn't share my interest on the subject previously but she also enjoyed it. An unforgettable day!

The Tapas night was also quality. We go taken to many little tapas and sherry places that you would have walked past without realising they were there. We now feel like we understand more about tapas culture and its historical and social context. What a way to end the holiday!

I cannot recommend Across Madrid tours enough. We intend to come back in the future and to take more. Friends and family are already planning their trips.

Do it!

Manchester, UK
March 2015
We had the great good fortune to hear about Across Madrid Cultural Tours from a friend and were able to spend a morning with Almudena discovering the history of this splendid city during the Republic, the civil war and post war and the connection of this past to present-day Spanish life. Our guide is a highly qualified academic and therefore immensely knowledgeable but she was also great fun to be with for half a day or more. This is the sort of experience that everyone hopes for in travel but tour guides who are lively, knowledgeable and friendly are very rare on the ground. Our only regret was in discovering too late that Across Madrid also runs tours on food and wine. A Tapas Tours to follow a walking tour on the city's history would be the ultimate in enjoyable travel. We look forward to adding food and wine to our Across Madrid itinerary on our next visit.

Sydney, Australia
February 2015

I teach photography and photojournalism at an American University and had the luck and pleasure of meeting Prof. Almudena Cros while leading my first Study Abroad class in Spain to Madrid, in 2013.

We were particularly interested in photographers Capa, Taro, and Smith who had worked in Spain during and after the Civil War. What we would probably have never discovered on our own was that we were very close to University City where a lot of fight took place between the International Brigades and the Franco forces. Places we would have walked by were pointed out to still have bullet holes and various locations throughout the rest of Madrid where fighting and aerial bombing took place really brought the history of the era alive for us.

In fact some descendents of the International Brigades from Milan, Italy were holding a memorial event at the Civil War Monument and were invited to meet them and photograph the event. This was a real world learning experience for students and professor!

Across Madrid Cultural Tours is new and fresh and an intellectually stimulating organization that I highly recommend for those wishing more that a cookie cutter standard tour of Spain.

Cambridge, Massachusetts
May 2014