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Spanish Civil War Tour Testimonials

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We were with a small group that spent the late afternoon with the Across Madrid Spanish Civil War tour - and I have to say, what an absolutely brilliant tour it was!

Our tour guide, Almudena, is passionate and knowledgeable about this important part of Spanish history - the story of how brave and resolute madrilenos resisted the fascist attack on this beautiful city from 1936-39 when fascist upstart Franco unleashed a bloody war of terror against the democratically elected Republican government.

The tour was full of all the keys sights in central Madrid and also the University, the frontline in the defence of the capital. We learnt much about how Madrid was a centre for art and culture, for progressive and modern ideas - and how the fascist attack on Madrid was an attack on the freedom of all progressive thinking people.

Almudena's knowledge and passion for the subject truly did bring the history of the civil war alive - around every corner there was another surprise, an artifact with a link to the people's resistance or a building with fabulous story to tell.

As much of Europe is divided today - the right-wing conservatives of many eastern European cities erecting barbed wire and steel against those fleeing war in the middle east - while some countries have emerging left-leaning movements (such as Podemos and Corbyn's Labour Party, Razem in Poland etc)..  this tour is a very relevant reminder of why the defence of Madrid was so important in 1936. When culture and education were attacked as well as the liberation of women, workers freedoms and human rights for all, the governments of Europe stood back and watched...this was a spring-board for the Second World War.

This tour is a very important lesson in why people should stand together and fight for their city and their freedom. A fabulous city. A fabulous history. And a fabulous tour that tells the stories of anti-fascist resistance so well. Thanks Across Madrid!

Jimmie G
London, UK
February 2016

I took two tours with Across Madrid while on a grant from my university to do research for a paper on the Spanish Civil War.

It is so easy to overlook the impact that the Civil War had on the city of Madrid, as there are very few plaques, memorials, etc. with explanations.

Almudena was energetic, enthusiastic, and very well prepared. She had a large folder to show me pictures of what Madrid looked like after it was bombed, and we were standing in the exact place that she had showed.

I think that this tour would be interesting and educational for anyone who visits Madrid!

Ivy S
Washington DC, USA
January 2016
My wife and I visited Spain in September 2015 and had a wonderful time -- great music, great tapas, great people, great architecture. But the absolute highlight of our visit was taking a Spanish Civil War walking tour of Madrid with Almudena Cros.

Five stars do not do it justice...and I am a believer that all five stars should be given only when no improvement could be made.

Imagine viewing Picasso's Guernica with a professional art historian who brings copies of images by Goya, which inspired Picasso. And to hear the story of the Spanish Civil War from a person who not only is an accomplished historian but also one whose family were partisans in the Republican cause.

Speak about living history...with Almu everything came to vivid detail. Not only is she knowledgeable, but her passion for the subject is contagious. She has collected period news clips and photos so that you can compare the beautifully restored old city in Madrid to what it looked like under Franco's bombs.

Almu is also patient, accommodating, and a delight to meet. Her English is impeccable.

So there is no better way that we can imagine of getting introduced to Spain as starting with the Civil War tour of Madrid with Almudena Cros.

Roger H
September 2015