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Spanish Civil War Tour Testimonials

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I highly recommend this tour. I came to Spain knowing very little about the Spanish Civil War except that it is very significant in Spain's recent history. Almudena is very knowledgeable about the war and explained the divisions in Spanish society which sparked the start of the war, including restrictions on the education of women at that time about which she feels keenly.

At major sites in Madrid, Almudena showed photos of that place crowded with thousands of citizens celebrating or demonstrating before the war, more sombre photos taken during the war and pointed out bomb damage that can still be seen if you know where to look. She also showed military memorabilia from those times which she has collected in her researches. She is proud of her grandparents participation. One of her photos showed her grandfather in Republican uniform. Her account of the conclusion to the war in Madrid in 1939 was very informative.

Knowing I was Australian, Almudena had researched and included reference to the part played by a small group of volunteers from Australia who fought with the International Brigade. We finished the tour at the Reina Sofia Museum where Picasso's Guernica painting is on display and she explained its background and significance.

I came away from the tour feeling I had a good understanding of the Spanish Civil War, its origins and its aftermath.

Bob A
Canberra, Australia
May 2015

This tour deepened my understanding of an important period in the history of Spain, I wouldn't recommend this as your first tour in Madrid, but if you have done the "big picture" tours, this is a great "deep dive".

Almu is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter and the group was small, so I felt like I got a very personalized tour.

San Francisco, USA
May 2015

We had an amazing insight into the Spanish Civil War with our guide Almudena.

She brought us to various sites and gave us an insight into the Civil War, its heroes, casualties, battlefields and an amazing visit to a private Museum in a small town called Morata - about 40 minutes journey by road outside of Madrid.

Well worth doing.  Her passion for this event in Spanish History is inspiring.

Galway, Ireland
May 2015